Beesnest - Personal Application Server

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The configuration of Beesnest.

I really shouldn't have try to create a new file format. I should either use XML or other standard format.

The configuration files of Beesnest are very straightforward. Beesnest reads all the files with .bnc extension, that are in the same folder as the Beesnest executable, at startup. The configuration of Beesnest will be in these files.

The bnc files are simple XML-Like files, the different from a standard XML are: * Under each <entry> you can insert other entries or values, but not both.

You can open and close the same entry more then once and in more then one file. Just make sure you don't insert a value under the exact same path of other value. If you do so the second value will overwrite the first one.

You can insert spaces and new-lines freely between entries.

The way I built the bnc files is: Parameters.bnc holds the HTML and other general settings of the Beesnest server. Protection.bnc holds the Login Manager settings of the server. Every adapter and script engine has its on bnc file. But you can divide the settings among files as you wish.

Beesnest loads the bnc files at start up. After changing these files, you have to restart the server.

Here is commented example of Paramenter.bnc
Commented example of Protection.bnc
And an example of a script engine configuration file

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